Two Solutions Which Work Seamlessly

Juares is like a lot of other tech entrepreneurs I've met over the years, but there is clearly something very unique about him. Vaughn is an artist, he seems to see things through the lens of a creative problem solver who also understands tech in ways your run-of-the-mill Hollywood "artists" simply do not. He's Silcon Valley meets Hollywood and knows all the right buzzwords -- even seems keen on inventing new ones like, "Social Media Video On Demand," (SmVOD is it's "shortcode") a term he coined to describe the distribution opportunity for motion picture and television content inside the social media space, such as Facebook. More on that later...

FilmDemic Studio Services - Making the Complicated Simple
Vaughn's explanation of Studio Services took a minute to fully grasp. This is not a tool for consumers, it's for pros, and is a little tricky to follow if you don't have a solid and secure understanding of the process a film or television program must journey before it even gets to your screen. Juares makes the concept simple and boiled it down, "don't spend so much to get it to the consumer and you make more money." Studio Services is a software as a service designed for distributors to deliver assets to VOD platforms using ultra-efficient “cloud-based” digital delivery of digital video, marketing and metadata content. Delivery costs are reduced to a few, not thousands of dollars, per destination. Titles which are ingested in to the Studio Services system are instantly deliverable to custom Facebook rental pages using the FilmDemic Facebook Movie Streaming platform. 

Facebook Movie Streaming - Social Media VOD is Not Quite There Yet, But...
Vaughn's explanation of their interesting social media movie streaming platform is much more consumer-friendly and just plain makes sense: watch movies in Facebook which are recommended to you using all of the personal information you share in the network. To do this, FilmDemic’s Facebook Movie Streaming platform takes advantage of the social graph in Facebook and other social media to target films directly to Facebook users. Vaughn indicates that there has not yet been a successful launch of films for rent in Facebook due in part to the high cost of creating Facebook rental pages resulting in little or no available content in the space and leaving consumers with no “destination” for watching and sharing content within Facebook. The Facebook Movie Streaming platform allows for instant and ultra-efficient addition of titles for rent in Facebook and opens the door for VOD studios to take the lead in this new SmVOD (Social Media Video on Demand) space which, as far as I can tell, is a Vaughn Jaures invention, but anybody with a basic understanding of the social media phenomenon which we seem to barely be immersed gets it: this could be huge. Vaughn also was clear to point out that titles may be viewed instantly on a pay-per-view or “free” ad-supported basis to adjust for what he indicated was the future of the majority of VOD viewing (aka people want stuff for free and Vaughn Juares is okay with it as long as they watch a commercial).

Vaughn Juares is a name you're likely to hear someday soon. He's energetic, smart and dangerous to the status quo... he's keen on developing new and potentially disruptive technologies... to change how the movie business does business.